New Golden Wonder Ringos Puffs are HFSS compliant

Tayto has launched new HFSS-compliant snack Golden Wonder Ringos Puffs.

Making great-tasting snacks that meet the HFSS guidelines is not easy, according to Matt Smith, marketing director at Tayto: “Healthier snacks have a real credibility challenge, as many consumers don’t believe that they will taste as good. Health-conscious consumers expect snacks to be ‘worth the calories’.

“For many savoury snacks, reducing fat and salt to meet the guidelines means compromising too much on taste – and consumers will vote with their feet. With some products, however, smart innovation in flavours, recipes and manufacturing can overcome this challenge, which is how we’ve created Ringos Puffs.”

Ringos Puffs is available in BBQ and Sweet Chilli flavours in three formats: 20g (rsp 49p), 60g (£1 PMP), and 6 x 16g (rsp £1.50).

Other Golden Wonder products will also be relaunched to be HFSS compliant. Smith says: “We will reformulate our successful Fun Snacks range – that includes the much-loved Spicy Bikers and Tangy Toms brands – before the October deadline.

“This incredibly popular range is growing faster than the market (+39.8% versus +10.7%, IRI) by offering great value through an on-pack 30p/‘2 for 50p’ promotion. Reformulating allows us to retain the ‘2 for 50p’ promotion and deliver great consumer value as well as providing retailers with very strong margins.

“Multipack versions of the range will also be available for feature on aisle ends and at store entrances – which is a real benefit once HFSS restrictions come into place.”



Published Date: April 28, 2022
Category: Product & Promotions News