National Buying Consortium hits £100 million in revenues

In less than four years since its formation, National Buying Consortium (NBC) has hit a significant milestone – £100 million in revenues generated by the group on behalf of its 55+ member shareholders.

Managing director David Lunt (pictured) commented: “We always knew that we wanted to take a different path to other groups, and whilst we know we have one or two unique differences to how we work and how we generate benefits, we could never imagine that this would be one of the outcomes, and achieving this from scratch.”

To recognise this milestone, NBC is inviting 100 guests from both its membership and supplier partners to an exclusive event in the near future to thank everyone concerned.

In addition, NBC has announced that in the first three months of 2023, invoiced sales have grown by over 50%. The group’s main trading is through NDN, its centralised warehousing and logistics service which provides an essential service to members and a route-to-market solution for suppliers.

“This is a performance that, when adjusted for any measure of inflation, is considerably greater than the previous year,” said Lunt. “Our members continue to get access to great brands at net pricing and this is reflected in their own individual results. We continue to generate incremental terms from our group agreements with our supplier partners.”

Published Date: May 4, 2023
Category: Wholesale Industry News