‘The multiples want to become wholesalers’ – Bestway’s Choudrey

Bestway Group chief executive Zameer Choudrey CBE (pictured) used the occasion of his company’s 17th annual retail development awards scheme to spell out the C&C/wholesaler’s position in the wider market place.

Avoiding any mention of Bestway’s supposed aim to take over Blakemore’s wholesale division or win the Costcutter contract, he focused on the stance adopted by the retail multiples.

“They are no longer happy to open up stores on the high street; they want to be wholesalers,” said Choudrey. “Tesco (siding with Booker), Morrisons, the Co-op – they all want a piece of the action. The irony is that, for so long, independents, who have viewed the multiples as competitors, are now being asked to join forces with them.

“Make no mistake, Bestway, as we have always done, will constantly champion the independent retail sector and we will be the last man standing. We are committed to being the ‘Best Way’ for customers and suppliers to grow their food and drink business.”

Despite the trade being hit by tobacco regulations, Bestway Wholesale has had a good year, said Choudrey. “In impulse, we grew by 2.4% against a 1.2% market decline; in symbol, best-one rose by over 20% versus 2.7% market growth; catering sales were up 9.1% and both pet and export were 8.5% higher.”

The company’s retail multiple account division delivers to 300 sites covering 28 customers across the UK.

Online sales were over £6 million a week, more than £1 million of which came through the Bestway Wholesale app.

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Published Date: November 2, 2017
Category: Wholesale Industry News