More gains than losses at Confex

Confex, which recently lost 23 members to the newly-formed group National Buying Consortium (Cash & Carry Management: June), has, nonetheless, recorded an 8% rise in gross sales value with its top 20 suppliers in retail and foodservice in the half year to June.

It has also announced the addition of new member DW Carlisle Wholesale (aka Carlisle Fresh Foods) in Crossgar, Northern Ireland.

It is the latest of 27 new members secured this year, with a combined £205 million turnover, against £162 million lost with the NBC defections.

DW Carlisle Wholesale, with a turnover of £12 million, began life as a retailer, moving into wholesale 10 years ago. It operates from a 15,000 sq ft depot, delivering to secondary wholesalers, retailers and caterers.

Sales director William Carlisle told Cash & Carry Management: “We’re also members of Nisa but decided to join Confex as well because they offer different promotions.”

Confex chairman Martin Williams said: “Our growth is being driven by food to go. New product categories, such as natural energy and protein, are being welcomed by members, giving them a point of difference as the local wholesaler of choice.

“Our wholesalers have always been focused on service, so the diversification of their product range is symbiotic with their customer demand.”

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Published Date: August 12, 2019
Category: Wholesale Industry News