Mevalco launches premium winter line-up

Mevalco, the fast-growing importer and wholesaler of super-premium Spanish fine foods, has launched its new winter range.

The innovative line-up for caterers includes Ibérico acorn-fed free-range pork, 100% sustainably sourced wild boar and 100% Ibérico Bellota Belloterra hams from Los Pedroches (Córdoba).

100% Iberico Belloterra ham.

100% Iberico Belloterra ham.

Mevalco has sourced the range from artisan producers specially chosen for the flavour and texture of their products.

The Ibérico pork has a characteristic dark red colour and high levels of fat marbling, which is said to set it apart from any other pork meat in terms of flavour, texture and succulence. The pork is available in a range of formats and pack sizes.

Meanwhile, the wild boar has an intense nutty, rich flavour and is sourced from free-roaming populations in the remote areas in the North of Extremadura, South of Castilla-Leon. Mevalco offers Wild Boar Salchichón with Peppercorn and diced Wild Boar.

Mevalco’s exclusive and award-winning range of free-range, acorn-fed hams come from the Los Pedroches area, in Córdoba, Andalucía. From this area, Mevalco brings Cebo de Campo hams, Bellota hams, Morcón, Chorizo and Salchichón Bellota. The abundance of oak acorn, which is high in natural sugars, gives the Los Pedroches ham its characteristic sweet taste. Mevalco offers Bellota Ibérico ham on the bone, cured for more than 36 months, and Bellota Ibérico ham on the bone premium, cured for more than 40 months.

Alongside the range of hams, Mevalco offers a full set of ham carving equipment, and its team is expert in ham carving, offering ham carving displays at various catering events across the UK.

Commenting on the new winter range, Mevalco CEO David Menendez says: “We are very passionate about the sourcing of our Ibérico pork, wild boar and Ibérico Bellota Belloterra hams and aim to be as sustainable as we can. Our wild boar, for example, is a totally sustainable meat – the wild boar roams free, feeding only from its natural landscape and so the meat is free of preservatives. Sourcing our meat in this way helps to add value and create jobs in some of the most isolated and rural areas in Europe.”

Tel: Mevalco (0117) 982 6540

Published Date: November 2, 2017
Category: Wholesale Industry News