Mevalco introduces new goat’s cheeses by Quesos Cerrón

Spanish wholesaler and importer Mevalco has partnered with family business Quesos Cerrón to introduce two new goat’s cheeses to its range for UK chefs and retailers.

Queso Madurado Du Cabra Servilleta is a semi-soft goat’s cheese typical of the Levante region. To make the cheese, the curd is pressed with a cloth and allowed to drain for hours until it acquires its characteristic ‘cloth shape’.

It is described as having a wonderful flavour with notes of yoghurt and cream and, according to the team at Mevalco, it gets even better when warmed and served at room temperature.

Also new from Mevalco is Cerrón Organic +24 Matured Goat’s Cheese (right), the winner of the Super Gold Medal World Cheese Awards 2021-2022. The team at Quesos Cerrón skillfully pasteurises the day’s fresh milk at a very low temperature, and the cheese is matured for 30-40 days, allowing a buttery flavour to develop with caramelised aromas.

According to Justin Slawson, joint managing director at Mevalco and founder of The Cheese Cellar Company, the Cerrón range is exceptional: “We are continually on the look-out for cheese producers which are artisanal and exceptional that we know will add value to retailers’ and chefs’ ranges, and the Cerrón range does just that.

“When we first discovered the range, we knew immediately that we wanted to bring it across to the UK and offer it to our customers. It has a definite place on cheese boards across the best establishments and foodies at home.”

Published Date: September 10, 2022
Category: Wholesale Industry News