Mentos Fanta wins Product of the Year

After its launch by Perfetti Van Melle in summer 2022, Mentos Fanta has been awarded Product of the Year 2023.

Previous Product of the Year winners on average see sales rise by 10-15%, so this win is set to put the already popular sweet in even higher demand.

Mentos Fanta is now within the bestselling fruit single lines in convenience, petrol and travel (IRI). Perfetti Van Melle will bolster the hype around the limited-edition product throughout 2023 with a further £700,000 marketing investment in out-of-home, video-on-demand, and influencer work.

Mark Roberts, marketing & trade marketing director at Perfetti Van Melle UK, says: “We are delighted that Mentos Fanta has won Product of the Year. The brand mash up has performed even better than we had hoped for, proving the power of two cult favourite brands coming together in a delicious category-bridging product.

“We already had fantastic market penetration for Mentos Fanta, and winning Product of the Year is going to boost awareness of the product even more. Since the news broke, we have been busy putting all the necessary steps in place to keep up with the demand that we know is ahead of us.

“The success of this has prompted us to explore more major brand collaborations in the future, so watch this space as we continue to say, ‘Yes to Fresh’ with Mentos in a whole host of new, refreshing ways.”

Published Date: January 26, 2023

Category: Product & Promotions News