KFF creates Purple Pineapple range of hand-mixed sandwich fillings

KFF has created a range of premium quality sandwich fillings under the Purple Pineapple brand.

The wholesaler’s team of development chefs has come up with a range of over 70 fillings, including fish, meat, vegetarian, plant-based, and low-fat options. All are mixed by hand so that the more delicate ingredients are kept intact, giving the finished products a homemade appearance, something that is often lacking in machine blended alternatives, says the company.

Eggs in the fillings are free-range, as are those used in the mayonnaise, demonstrating KFF’s ongoing commitment to responsible and ethical sourcing.

The Purple Pineapple fillings are made at the point of order to maximise their freshness and shelf life. Orders placed before noon are delivered the next day, although best sellers can be ordered until 5.30pm.

Available in 1kg and 2.5kg containers, the fillings are made to the same recipe each and every day and are versatile – KFF suggests they can be used as a topping for a jacket potato or as part of a salad, as well as in wraps and sandwiches.



Published Date: September 10, 2022
Category: Wholesale Industry News