Jobs created as new Surplus Group vows to fight food waste

A new group of companies has been formed to tackle food waste, creating 10 jobs at its South Yorkshire headquarters.

Andy Needham: ‘Essentially, we are doing what we have always done but taking it one step further, with a renewed focus on helping customers, suppliers and society in general.’

Surplus Group is made up of Approved Food, the UK’s largest online-only retailer of short-dated food and drink; Morris & Son, a residual and clearance stock specialist that serves businesses in the value wholesale and retail sector; and a new social enterprise, Surplus For Good, which will take food at risk of being wasted and redistribute it to the most vulnerable members of society.

The 10 new jobs span different areas of the business, from software architecture to operational staff in the main fulfilment centre and the new packing facility at the group’s purpose-built 52,000 sq ft premises at Dodworth Business Park, Barnsley.

Surplus Group managing director Andy Needham said his aim is to build relationships with suppliers and customers across both the consumer and wholesale sectors that would help partners meet their own sustainability targets while reducing waste through effective redistribution.

Manufacturers, distributers, retailers and other organisations are increasing aware of the need to minimise waste to protect the planet’s resources as the link between food waste and climate change is now more widely understood. According to Needham, while businesses want to attract good value for their residual stock, many are now looking beyond price for a reliable, experienced partner to take full responsibility for ensuring the stock is re-distributed properly, whether for commercial return or for donation.

He explained: “Essentially, we are doing what we have always done but taking it one step further, with a renewed focus on helping customers, suppliers and society in general.

“The impact of waste as an environmental issue has become increasingly important for manufacturers, retailers and business stakeholders. The time is now right to engage with businesses and organisations on this issue to ensure that they meet their environmental, social and corporate governance goals. We have provided this service to some of the world’s most recognisable companies for a number of years, without telling anyone what we actually do.

“By building confidence in our ability to take control of the surplus stock problem and to resolve it as simply as possible, Surplus Group has the opportunity to build rewarding partnerships with suppliers and customers.”

He added: “The creation of Surplus Group will take the commitment to environmental issues a step further. As the exponential growth in consumer goods continues apace, we recognised that we needed to structure ourselves in a di­fferent way so that we could continue on our enduring mission to see the good in surplus stock.

“Waste and the environment are just two key topics close to our heart and we want to be far more vocal about them. We will look for every opportunity where we can work closely with government bodies and NGOs to become a trusted authority in these areas who not only talk the talk but walk the walk as well.”

Surplus Group employs 85 people across its two sites in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, and its confectionery wholesale division in Stockport.

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Published Date: September 16, 2021
Category: Wholesale Industry News