JJ Home launched as a permanent service for consumers

JJ Foodservice has introduced JJ Home to offer a range of products to families on a permanent basis.

During the pandemic, the JJ team adapted its business with a direct-to-consumer service, supporting more than 30,000 homes with essential household products.

Despite starting as a ‘stop gap’, the service has been so popular it has been relaunched as a permanent fixture with a 60% bigger product range.

Customers can choose from more than 500 food and drink items, aimed at larger households, with competitive weekly deals and no extra charge for deliveries.

“As the UK enters its fourth month of lockdown, people are adapting to new ways of life,” said Sezer Ozkul, chief product officer for JJ Foodservice. “Consumers are shopping less frequently, buying bigger packs and using more private labels to make savings. These trends are set to continue.”

He added that an increase in home working, even when the economy reopens, will see more people using online grocery delivery services.

JJ has been supplying caterers for more than 30 years with big brands and private label products. Orders can be placed online and delivered the next day, or the same day in some parts of London.

“We look forward to bringing our chef-quality ingredients and first-class service to even more homes,” said Sezer.

In customer research conducted in June 2020 with 1057 respondents, 93% of JJ’s household customers said that prices were competitive compared with supermarkets. The survey also found that 74% are families with one or more children, 75% shop every two to four weeks, 97% plan to shop with JJ in future, and 96% would recommend JJ Foodservice to a friend.

Tel: JJ Foodservice (01992) 701701

Published Date: July 1, 2020
Category: Wholesale Industry News