JJ Foodservice positions itself as a refugee-friendly workplace

JJ Foodservice is working with local councils to offer support to Ukrainian refugees who may be arriving in the UK over the coming months.

JJ is highlighting a wide range of positions across its 11 UK branches and is offering help with CV writing.

HR manager Joanna Florczak said: “As a nationwide foodservice company, our business never sleeps, and we are always looking for more people to join our team.

“We understand that candidates from overseas may have limited UK-accredited qualifications and might need help with re-training,” she added.

The business can offer full-time and part-time work, in addition to long-term career prospects and progression opportunities. JJ also offers mentoring placements across all departments.

“We aspire to be an inclusive, refugee-friendly business, which means our goal is to make every member of the JJ team feel accepted, comfortable, and able to share their ideas regardless of where they have come from or their personal circumstances,” said Florczak.

JJ Foodservice is an equal opportunities employer, committed to creating an inclusive culture and encouraging a diversity of people.

The company has just signed a petition from Refugee Action to lift the ban that is stopping asylum seekers from being allowed to work.

For latest vacancies go to: https://go.jjfoodservice.com/CareersforUkraine

For CV writing support contact: elit.rowland@jjfoodservice.com

Published Date: March 2, 2022

Category: Wholesale Industry News