JW Filshill launches KeyStore More for the ‘most progressive retailers’

Glasgow-based JW Filshill has officially launched KeyStore More, a new fascia format aimed at providing the most progressive retailers with a distinct point of difference. Already, 11 stores have converted to KeyStore More, and Filshill aims to have a total of 20 stores trading under the new banner by the end of 2018.

KeyStore More will allow retailers to offer customers a more comprehensive range of fresh and chilled products, food to go and local/Scottish products.

Craig Brown, retail sales director of Filshill, said: “KeyStore More is designed to elevate our offer to enable the most progressive retailers to expand their range and provide more of the products and services that our research tells us consumers want.

“This means an upweighted focus on fresh and chilled products, food to go and access to an excellent range of local and Scottish products – all supported by a bespoke promotional campaign and enhanced by a brand new image that will create consumer interest and add a new dimension to what is already a dynamic retail marketplace.

“We’re also tapping into the extensive data at our disposal from our own scanning system, allowing us to gather information on consumer habits in our customers’ stores – this allows us to constantly improve category management and product ranging in Keystore More outlets and gives retailers a competitive edge and point of difference.”

He added: “Business is tough and our new proposition elevates our customers’ ability to compete not just with other independents but also operators such as Sainsbury’s Local and Tesco Express.”

Retailer Wilson Rea is among the first to adopt the new KeyStore More format and after just three weeks has seen sales increase at his 1,800 sq ft store on the outskirts of Lanark. “When I compared one week in November with the same week in 2016, sales had jumped almost 10%,” he said. “The expanded range, coupled with a partial refurbishment of the store, has really struck a chord with my customers and we’re delighted with the result.”

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Published Date: December 21, 2017
Category: Wholesale Industry News