FWD supports wholesale flexible work study

A project supported by the FWD will look at ways of making employment in the cash & carry/wholesale industry more attractive to those who want to work on a part-time or flexible basis.

Timewise, an employer-focused consultancy, will interview wholesalers’ human resources managers to assess current practice. A plan for a flexible job design programme will then be shared with all FWD members.

Currently, 47% of staff in wholesale are female but the 2017 Women in Wholesale report suggests that less than 11% of senior management roles are filled by women.

In April next year, all large employers will be required by the Government to report on their gender pay gap and actions being taken to address this, including improving access to flexible and part-time working.

The FWD’s James Bielby (left) and Luke 'Fred' Ellingworth (centre) of Booker Trowbridge, with Andrew Murrison MP.

The FWD’s James Bielby (left) and Luke ‘Fred’ Ellingworth (centre) of Booker Trowbridge, with Andrew Murrison MP.

Timewise joint CEO Emma Stewart said: “In coming years, wholesalers will be exposed to a looming supply shortage of workers, both as a result of Brexit and the changing workforce demographic as the population ages.

“The UK wholesale sector has a significant opportunity to develop its approach to flexible working as a way to position wholesale as an industry where both women and men can develop and progress their careers, whilst balancing work with life.”

FWD chief executive James Bielby commented: “A balanced workforce greatly benefits wholesale, and this important project will establish best practice for making the sector more attractive to a deeper talent pool.”

Recent research published by Timewise indicates that more than 60% permanent full-time employees work flexibly in some way. Of those who don’t, some 64% would prefer to.

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Published Date: October 26, 2017
Category: Wholesale Industry News