Fresh Direct aims to set benchmark for a chipping and roasting potato

Fresh Direct – part of Sysco – has launched a Chef’s Choice potato, aimed at setting a new benchmark for a chipping and roasting potato.

The potato has been developed in partnership with the producer Linwood Crops following extensive trials and will be exclusively distributed by Fresh Direct in foodservice.

With chips being such a fundamental part of the dining experience, these potatoes have been selected by chefs for chefs, to deliver taste, consistency and quality. Following harvest, strict store conditioning management and regular on-farm testing, Linwood takes the pick of the crop from selected growers across the UK.

The potatoes then go through further checks on arrival at the packing plant, with each batch being checked for consistent starch and sugar levels and dry matter content. Most importantly, a sample from every load is cooked to ensure that they are ready to create the perfect chipping and roasting potato.

Before being launched, the product was extensively tested by Fresh Direct’s chef panel, led by head of food development Ian Nottage, who said: “Potatoes, and in particular chips, are one of the chef’s key ingredients and are incredibly important in any service. Consumers remember great chips and our Chef’s Choice potatoes are the perfect ingredient for great chips.

“We’ve put these potatoes through their paces in a sustained and extensive testing regime and the results have been phenomenal. We believe that we’ve created something that’s really going to make a huge difference to chefs.”

The British grown potatoes are available year-round and come in a 20kg recyclable bag.


Published Date: November 25, 2023
Category: Wholesale Industry News