Foodservice giant is rebranded as Bidfood

Bidvest Foodservice will be trading in the UK under the new name of Bidfood from early next month.

The change follows the separation of the global Bidvest Foodservice business from the Bidvest Group, when it listed independently on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in May last year.

The foodservice group, which has operations in 42 countries, has already made the name change in several locations, including South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Spain.

In the UK, the company will be applying the new logo to around 900 vehicles and to its 22 depots over the coming months.

Chief executive Andrew Selley said that in choosing the new name, it was important to retain a link to the company’s heritage as well as reflect what is at the heart of the business, hence the Bidfood title.

“When we made the move from Bidvest 3663 to Bidvest Foodservice, we also launched a new mission, vision and employee values, all centring on service excellence and offering the best customer experience in the market.

“Although our name is changing, these principles and our wider business priorities remain firmly in our focus. This is a stronger brand for us and for Bidfood businesses globally.”

Selley added that over the past 18 months, the foodservice concern has made “important internal changes to meet customer needs now and in the future”

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Published Date: February 20, 2017
Category: Wholesale Industry News