JW Filshill helps customers prepare for minimum unit pricing

Glasgow-based  wholesaler JW Filshill has put a minimum unit pricing (MUP) action plan in place ahead of the new legislation being introduced on 1 May.

The company, which supplies over 175 KeyStore outlets across Scotland and the north of England, is working with retailers to ensure they fully understand the MUP implications.

Minimum pricing is designed to cut the intake of problem drinkers by raising the price of the strongest, cheapest alcohol, with the extra revenue going to retailers. The Scottish Government has set the minimum price for a unit of alcohol at 50p.

Craig Brown: ‘We have sent out an information sheet to all customers.’

Craig Brown, Filshill retail sales director, said: “We have been providing information to KeyStore retailers every three weeks through our promotional guidelines since February and have sent out an information sheet to all customers.

“The MUP price is also listed on the sales pages of our website and app.”

Posters highlighting the legislation are also on display in the company’s Hillington cash & carry.

Filshill’s ReScan EPoS system has been updated to block the sale of lines below MUP.

Both the Scottish Wholesale Association and Scottish Grocers’ Federation have produced guidelines on the legislation, as has the Scottish Government.

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Published Date: April 5, 2018
Category: Wholesale Industry News