Fairway Foodservice own-brand products achieve significant sales rises

Some of the products in Fairway Foodservice’s own-brand range have achieved sales increases among the 20 members of more than 40% over the past year, according to purchasing director Steve Jeavons.

Over that period, the in-house portfolio has grown to more than 570 products with the inclusion of cold water prawns, cooked meats, sausages, jacket potatoes and ready-to-use sauces.

Jeavons said: “The strength of our own-brand range is clear to see. Immediately after we add products, volumes grow considerably compared to the same lines supplied under alternative brands.”

As well as the impact made by new products, existing ones, including canned tomatoes, baked beans and mayonnaise, are showing “significant double-digit growth”.

He added that, outside of Fairway, many concerns supplied “minimal, if any, promotional and marketing support, had a lack of basic foodservice knowledge and offered poor service”.

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Published Date: October 11, 2018
Category: Wholesale Industry News