Doncaster chosen as Unitas Wholesale headquarters

In November, the board of Unitas Wholesale – the combined operation of Today’s Group and Landmark Wholesale – is expected to announce that the location of the central office will be in Doncaster, where Today’s is based.

Landmark’s Milton Keynes office is being retained for the time being. At a press conference in London on 20 November, the full details are likely to be disclosed.

It is understood that new Unitas signage will shortly be installed at the Doncaster site.

When Cash & Carry Management approached the public relations agency acting for Unitas for information regarding signage, the new group’s managing director Darren Goldney told us there were no immediate plans for a ‘mass conversion’ by Today’s or Landmark members.

“Signage will be updated over time and we expect the Unitas branding to appear in the estate of members on this normal refresh time path.”

Landmark Wholesale (01908) 255300

Today’s Group (01302) 249909

Published Date: October 11, 2018
Category: Wholesale Industry News