Delivered wholesaling accelerates at Bestway

The delivered side of Bestway Wholesale has grown to the point where it now represents 44% of its business.

That percentage could grow further with the news that the company has converted 23 of the 65 cash & carries into delivery hubs as part of a ‘depot hub project’.

These branches have fast pick areas and increased numbers of loading bays with the intention of improving efficiency and service to delivered customers.

A company spokesman said: “These depots still stock a collect offer for customers residing nearby, while the remaining depots now have additional room to improve the collect range they stock and improve focus on the shopping experience in the depots with deliveries removed.”

Other changes include doubling the size of Bestway’s chilled distribution centre in Coventry with 1,500 additional lines brought into the system. Better date life and pricing will result, it is claimed.

The company has also settled on a ‘common range’ of 5,000 products across all branches.

Head of operations Ashar Rehman said: “With 44% of the Bestway business now delivered, it’s been important for us to optimise our supply chain and delivery structure to ensure the customer has the best possible experience and choice of products and ways to shop, be that delivered or in depot.

“Depot and sales teams have also been given clear focuses through the depot hub project and by aligning the reporting structure of the best-one symbol group with Bestway Retail.”

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Published Date: October 14, 2019
Category: Wholesale Industry News