Country Range relaunches mixes to meet 2024 HFSS guidelines

Country Range Group has reformulated its pudding and bread mixes so that they conform to the 2024 HFSS guidelines. 

The range comprises Sponge & Pudding Mix, Chocolate Sponge & Pudding Mix, Carrot Cake Mix, Scone Mix, Crumble Mix, Suet Pastry Mix, Pizza Base Mix and White Bread & Roll Mix.

The new 2024 HFSS guidelines now require an average of 0.40g and a maximum of 0.66g salt per 100g for cakes and an average of 0.85g and a maximum of 1.01g salt per 100g for bread and rolls.

Country Range Group’s head of marketing Emma Holden said: “Our customers have enough on their plate so it’s vital that we continue to make life easier for them and support them wherever we can. With the 2024 HFSS guidelines coming into effect, we have made these changes ahead of time so that all products don’t just conform but better the guidelines wherever possible.

“The latest changes ensure that our pudding and bread mixes are well below the HFSS guidelines for 2024 without compromising on the taste and flavour. They are all such versatile products and key lines for many of our customers on a daily basis.”

Published Date: April 4, 2023
Category: Wholesale Industry News