Country Range relaunches apple pie to be vegan friendly

Country Range Group has revamped the recipe for its Deep Dish Bramley Apple Pie so that it is now suitable for vegans.

Made using Irish Bramley apples and vegan pastry produced from organic flour milled in the Cotswolds, the dessert is pre-portioned into 14 slices and comes in boxes of two.

Country Range Group head of marketing Emma Holden said: “With the number of consumers adhering to vegan diets still on the increase, it’s important that our dessert portfolio is as inclusive as possible.

“The apple pie is so iconic and widely loved so we have been working hard to find a vegan version that could still deliver impeccable taste and visual appeal. The new recipe has made the product so much more desirable so we’re confident it will be top of the tree with consumers too!”

Published Date: January 31, 2023
Category: Wholesale Industry News