Cooks&Co launches full-flavour duty-free cooking wines

Fine food specialist Cooks&Co has launched red and white full-flavour, duty-free cooking wines into foodservice.

The launch follows the introduction last year of legislation imposing duty on any alcoholic drinks with an abv greater than 1.2%.

Available in a three-litre size from brand owner RH Amar, the partially de-alcoholised offerings are made by cooking red and white wines using a unique process of low temperature heating and vacuum distillation that reduces the alcoholic content without compromising the taste.

White wine or red wine is then added to increase the alcoholic content from 0.8% to just under 1.2%. Salt and natural flavouring compounds are also added and a gentle preservative is introduced to give the resulting cooking wines a shelf-life of two years, and to ensure that no further yeast or bacterial fermentation can take place.

“We have worked closely with our supplier to create a unique process that really is the holy grail when it come to producing duty-free cooking wines that meet the new tax thresholds, whilst not compromising on taste in any way,” explains Cooks&Co brand manager Anne-Marie Cannon.

To support the launch, Cooks&Co has produced a four-page booklet containing information about the two new offerings and recipe inspiration.

Tel: Cooks&Co (01494) 530200

Published Date: January 9, 2019
Category: Product & Promotions News