Confex extends data partnership with TWC for four more years

Confex has extended its data partnership with TWC for four more years.

Jess Douglas: ‘Together with TWC, we will continue to evolve the service.’

In October 2021, Confex embarked on a collaboration with TWC, with the primary objective to revolutionise the accessibility and utilisation of sales information for Confex’s members.

Initially planned for a duration of three years, the partnership and resulting insight service has proven to be an invaluable asset to Confex members and suppliers alike. The success of the initial term has led to an extension of the insight service partnership between Confex and TWC for a further four years.

Jess Douglas, chief operating officer at Confex, said: “Our ongoing commitment to Confex Data Insight service reflects our desire to provide  our members with unparalleled resources and opportunities for the foreseeable future. Together with TWC, we will continue to evolve the service and further embed data-led decision-making in our business.

“As announced at our very successful conference in Lanzarote this September, we are delighted to welcome further Confex members to the Data Insight programme very soon.”

Tanya Pepin, managing director at TWC, added: “The extension of our partnership marks a significant milestone for both Confex and TWC. It emphasises our shared vision, dedication to excellence, and mutual desire to see the wholesale channel thrive. We are delighted to continue to be Confex’s chosen data partner as we strive for long-term partnerships with our clients in line with our values of loyalty and customer-centricity.”

Published Date: November 2, 2023

Category: Wholesale Industry News