Charles Wilson and Andrew Selley inspire future wholesale leaders

Charles Wilson, former CEO of Booker, and Andrew Selley, CEO of Bidcorp, have thrown their support behind a new generation of emerging talent in the wholesale sector and challenged them to question ‘how it’s always been done’.

The wholesale leaders inspired the young wholesalers, suppliers and service providers that make up FWD’s Future Leaders Forum (FLF) with advice and encouragement from their own journeys to the top of the industry.

Commenting on his own rise to becoming a CEO, Wilson (right) emphasised that no matter how senior one becomes, putting the customer first is key.

Selley (above left) reminded the attendees that challenge brings opportunity. He also said it was incumbent to understand the needs and wants of Gen Z and not revert to how it’s always been done.

The newly-established FLF is a networking space for emerging talent, focusing on inspiring, retaining and developing wholesale sector colleagues aged 30 or under through activity generated by the group itself.

As part of FWD’s Promoting Wholesale initiative, it recognises the need to attract the widest range of talents into the wholesale sector, and give them the tools to lead the sector forward as their careers develop.

FWD head of engagement Lyndsey Cambridge said: “This is a really exciting development for FWD. The Future Leaders Forum adds to the main FWD Council and Supplier Council, increasing the amount of engagement we have with members across a far wider range of roles, responsibilities and seniority.

“We have been delighted at how much interest there is in this, from both the current generation of leaders and the next.”

Published Date: April 14, 2022
Category: Wholesale Industry News