Caterforce invests in central office data team

Caterforce has invested in its central office data team.

Left to right: managing director Gary Mullineux; data analysis Level 4 apprentice Ahmed Lawal; head of finance & data Clare Greensmith; information system manager Kieran Hartley.

“The team is already proving to be invaluable analysing data and identifying key insight for our growth strategies,” said managing director Gary Mullineux.

“We are enhancing our in-house data systems, bringing them out of silos and into a controlled information ecosystem where we can get the best possible outcomes.”

Clare Greensmith, head of data & finance, added: “The team is embracing artificial intelligence to improve product information and support our members’ ecommerce teams.

Caterforce is continuously focussed on improvement and innovation and identifying new opportunities in the market, and in a world that is all about data, we want to help our wholesalers stay ahead and have access to the best information to make fully informed decisions.”

To bolster the new team, Caterforce partnered with Apprentify, an apprenticeship training agency, to appoint a Level 4 data analyst, Ahmed Lawal. He joined the buying group in October 2023 and is working on sales data, rebate management, optimising products and building Power BI dashboards.

The position is part of a data analyst apprenticeship programme that mixes real-world commercial work with learning over a 14-month period.

“Since starting, I’ve been immersed in an environment where learning and practical application go hand in hand,” said Lawal. “Every day brings a new challenge and an opportunity to contribute to projects that directly impact the business.

“I’m not only honing my technical skills in data analysis and management but also gaining invaluable insights into how data-driven strategies can shape business outcomes, and I’m really enjoying it!”

Mullineux added: “We are delighted to support apprentices within the business. Not only does this ensure we work with individuals with the right skillset and a genuine appetite to learn, but we’re also future-proofing our business with this fantastic new talent.”


Published Date: February 5, 2024
Category: Wholesale Industry News