Calypso supported with a £500,000 ad campaign

A £500,000 advertising campaign has been launched for Calypso, positioning the brand as the summer drink of the year.

The ad campaign, which has the tagline ‘You Never Forget Your First’, is aiming to build on a 12-month period that saw retail listings triple and volume double for the brand.

Interest in Calypso will be driven by the UK’s biggest TikTok and Instagram influencers, creating unique content showcasing the brand.

Alongside this, out-of-home billboard activity will run in London, Birmingham and Manchester, with extensive street-level billboards and high-impact sites like Birmingham’s Grand Central Station.

“This is an exciting time for us and retailers,” says Dan Hanton, UK brand manager at Color Brands UK. “We are thrilled to be engaging with the fans who love our brand. We are working with stockists to prepare for the upcoming increase in demand during this busy period off the back of this exciting summer investment.”

Calypso is the No.1 selling flavoured lemonade across Europe. It is available in 12 flavours in 473ml glass bottles with an rsp of £2.50.

In other news, all unnecessary plastic from Calypso bottles is being removed as part of a sustainability push. The plastic cover around the neck of the bottles will be removed in the first step to eliminating plastic from all parts of Calypso’s products.

The move will reduce Calypso’s plastic output by an estimated three tonnes per year in the UK alone, equivalent to 108,000 plastic bottles.

Published Date: May 25, 2022
Category: Product & Promotions News