Bottlegreen introduces four new variants

Bottlegreen Drinks, part of the SHS Drinks Division, has introduced a new cordial flavour and three new sparkling pressé variants.

Orange & Lemon Cordial has an rsp of £4.05 for a 500ml glass bottle, while Blood Orange Spritz (a limited edition), Raspberry Lemonade and Ginger Beer (both light variants) have an rsp of £3.20 for a 750ml glass bottle.

Sarah Lawson, head of marketing – softs at SHS Drinks, says: “Bottlegreen is known for its iconic-shaped green bottles and its high-quality products, and our array of new variants will further enhance the brand’s strong reputation amongst consumers.

“Bottlegreen is admired for both its innovative flavours and its serve versatility: our diluted cordials can be enjoyed ‘straight’ or added in concentrated form to make classy cocktails or to pep-up Prosecco, and our sparkling pressés are perfect on their own or as the ideal complement to meal occasions.

“Our consumers love to try innovative and interesting flavours, and with a tantalising new cordial combination, a pair of permanent additions to our range of ‘light’ presses, and Blood Orange Spritz as a 2023 limited edition, we’re adding flavours that will refresh both fixtures and consumers. These great-tasting new drinks will further underpin Bottlegreen’s firmly established taste credentials.”

Published Date: July 11, 2023
Category: Product & Promotions News