Booker compensates for further tobacco decline

Although Booker, like other cash & carry/wholesalers, continues to be hit by the downturn in tobacco trade, other parts of its business enabled the company to further improve in the 24 weeks to 8 September.

Pre-tax profit grew by 9% to £88 million on sales 2.5% up to £2.6 billion. Non-tobacco income rose by 7.5%, with tobacco falling by 9%.

Like-for-like sales to caterers increased by 8.1%, but there was only a marginal upward shift in retail trade – 0.6%.

Another split of the turnover shows that catering, coupled with small businesses, accounts for around £1 billion. Among the larger catering customers are Prezzo, Wagamama and Rick Stein.

There are now nearly 3,400 Premier retail customers, 1,829 Londis shops, 176 in the Budgens chain and 61 Family Shoppers.

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Published Date: October 13, 2017
Category: Wholesale Industry News