Bidfood strengthens its support of Hospitality Action for festive season

This festive season, Bidfood has joined forces with Hospitality Action to introduce #CheckPlease – a campaign designed to encourage employers and consumers to spot early signs of stress, be kinder and check that those working in hospitality are okay.

Bidfood is also funding Hospitality Action’s free 24/7 helpline (0808 802 0282) for the festive period. Hospitality Action’s team are on hand to provide help and advice to any hospitality workers who are struggling with the mental health stress and financial pressure the festive season can bring.

In addition, toolkits have been assembled, tailored with the hospitality industry in mind, to help employers not only to reach out, but also to invigorate their teams through recognition and reward.

With 30% of hospitality staff saying they have had to deal with difficult or rude customers daily (3Gem) during what is meant to be the happiest season of all, Bidfood has also explored ways to help the general public be more aware of the impact they can have on staff.

Posters, table-talkers and ‘specials’ menus, will also be available through the toolkits, signposting consumers on how they can interact with staff in a kind, appreciative and respectful way, alleviating their stress.

Commenting on the campaign, Tim Adams, sales & marketing director at Bidfood, said: “We’re thrilled to be working with Hospitality Action to raise awareness and offer support to the industry during the incredibly busy Christmas months.

“It’s been a tough couple of years for the industry and as we approach our first completely normal Christmas since 2019, there is bound to be some nervousness and anxiety amongst workers, so we wanted to launch a campaign to help support those who need it.

“We really hope the public get behind this campaign when they’re out this Christmas and think about the stress those serving them may be under, making sure they don’t forget to ask for the #CheckPlease!”

Hospitality Action’s chief executive Mark Lewis added: “I’m delighted for us to be partnering with Bidfood once again on another meaningful campaign.

“Not only does this campaign reflect the hard work, dedication and importance of our industry over the festive period, but also reminds us of the difficulties and stresses that it brings to those in the sector.

“Staff sacrifice a lot so that others can enjoy themselves, and it’s fantastic that we’re offering support to help them navigate what can be a challenging period.”

Published Date: December 8, 2022
Category: Wholesale Industry News