Bidfood employees aid the African water crisis

Bidfood has raised over £9,400 for The One Foundation as part of its World Water Day campaign to fund clean water projects in Africa. This amount will directly impact the lives of 2,356 people.

The initiative, which ran for two weeks in March across 24 sites operated by the wholesaler, involved staff getting involved in various fundraising and promotional activities.

Employees at the Bidfood Slough depot who took part in the 5L Challenge.

Celebrating 10 years of working with ethical brand One Drinks, Bidfood’s campaign raised awareness of the global water crisis.

In one of the events, more than 150 employees took part in a 5L Challenge, where participants, including CEO Andrew Selley, lived off just five litres of water during World Water Day (22 March).

Selley commented: “What resonated with me in this difficult challenge was carrying my five-litre jerry can around with me all day, knowing that the contents of it was all I could have for 24 hours.”

Many of Bidfood’s depots are continuing to run fundraising activities over the coming months, including sponsored walks, African-themed lunches, bakery sales and quizzes.

Other participants in the 5L Challenge included representatives from the industry, media and one of Bidfood’s key customers, ISS.

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Published Date: May 8, 2017
Category: Wholesale Industry News