Bestway targets improved service and rewards top C&Cs

Bestway Wholesale is spending £250,000 on an ongoing scheme aimed at increasing customer service for retailers and caterers.

Younus Sheikh: ‘We realise that great customer service has to come from the bottom up.’

An independent research company has been interviewing 60 customers from each depot – and will continue to do so – every quarter across a range of nine performance indicators, including the state of car parks and product availability.

Interviewees are being asked whether they would recommend their branch to other customers. Their answers are being used as a measure to reward cash & carries for their efforts.

Those in each of the company’s six geographical regions with the highest improved score over the previous quarter receive a £120 bonus for each of their staff members.

Winning C&Cs from the initial survey were Perth, Newcastle, Nottingham and Preston (all Batleys) and Exeter and Southall (Bestway); the successful units in the second study were the Cambuslang and Doncaster units of Batleys and Leicester, Manchester, Bristol and Tottenham (all Bestway).

Managing director Younus Sheikh said: “We realise that great customer service has to come from the bottom up. Each depot staff member is a customer touchpoint and we want to make sure that each customer is treated as a person rather than just a number.

“That’s why every member in each winning depot – from general manager to shelf picker – will receive £120 as a reward for making the customer journey more efficient and pleasurable.”

Brighton branch manager Fida Hussain said: “While price will always be a prime motivator for customers, service is equally important. Commercially, it is impractical to continue to reduce prices, but everyone loves to feel important. As a wholesaler we are working on wafer-thin margins so we have to look at other ways to connect with customers.”

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Published Date: June 17, 2016
Category: Wholesale Industry News