Appleton gold and white rums rebranded as Kingston 62

Appleton Special and White rums, part of the Campari Group portfolio, have been rebranded as Kingston 62 globally. 

Kingston 62 aged Jamaica rum is produced at the Appleton Estate Distillery with limestone filtered water and non-GMO molasses and yeast. It uses the same original Appleton Special and White recipes developed in the 1940s.

The Kingston 62 name, proposition and packaging design celebrate the history of Jamaica’s independence in 1962 and the great pride of the Jamaican people.

The rum category is increasing in popularity in the UK, recording 13.1% value growth in the off-trade in the last year, with value sales increasing to £410 million (Nielsen). Kingston 62 is described as a “savvy choice for retailers” looking to target the third (35%) of consumers who will only consider mainstream rum brands (CGA).

The “attitude and ubiquitous Kingston swagger” are designed with the 21-34 year-old rum drinker in mind, tapping into the significant penetration of rum among younger consumers – 70% of spirits drinkers aged 18-24 drink rum, rising to 79% of 25-34-year-old spirits drinkers (Harris Interactive).

Nick Williamson, marketing director of Campari UK, comments: “The new-look Kingston 62 celebrates its Jamaican heritage, from the prominent ‘Jamaica Rum’ embossing showcasing that the liquid adheres to the highest standards of rum production, to the Lion branding symbolising the strength, courage and pride of the Jamaican people.

“We are proud to bring Kingston 62 to the UK market – a unique and distinctly Jamaican brand that delivers the great quality and taste that fans of Appleton Special and White have come to expect.”

Appleton Special and White’s transition to Kingston 62 in the UK follows the successful rebrand in its native Jamaica earlier this year. To raise awareness of the change in the UK, PoS materials will be provided for a limited time at selected cash & carries to help retailers communicate the transition.

Kingston 62 70cl has an rsp of £17.50 for Gold and £16 for White. The 35cl Gold has an rsp £10. For commercial enquiries, please contact

Tel: Campari Group 020 3100 9600

Published Date: August 3, 2020
Category: Product & Promotions News