AG Barr rolls out Irn-Bru Energy nationally following Scottish success

IRN-BRU Energy is being rolled out nationally following a successful launch in Scotland earlier this year.

The  drink combines the flavour of IRN-BRU’s secret essence with the taurine, caffeine, B vitamins and taste of an energy drink. It is available in sugar and no-sugar options, in cases of 12 x 330ml slim cans. The sugar variant comes in a 99p PMP and has an rsp of £1.19 for the plain pack, while the no-sugar style is offered in an 89p PMP and a plain pack with an rsp of £1.09.

The new variant of the UK’s No.1 flavoured carbonate brand (IRI) has outperformed its closest competitors since being launched in Scotland in July, establishing itself as the year’s fastest selling soft drink in convenience (IRI). A total of 70% of consumers who tried the product purchased it more than once and 80% said they intend to buy it again (AG Barr).

“Energy is an exciting and fast-growing part of the soft drinks market delivering the highest profit per litre for retailers, with over one in three soft drinks sold in convenience stores being an energy drink (IRI),” says Adrian Troy, marketing director at Barr Soft Drinks.

“Consumers are increasingly opting for flavoured variants when choosing an energy drink, with flavoured energy now accounting for 34% of the mainstream energy market and growing faster than original energy (IRI).

“We also know that UK shoppers love the iconic taste of IRN-BRU, which is currently growing at 9% across England (IRI), so we are confident that demand for new IRN-BRU Energy will be high.”

A nationwide marketing support programme will run in 2020, including sustained digital and social media activity complemented by bus and high street advertising.

Tel: AG Barr (01204) 664200

Published Date: October 21, 2019
Category: Product & Promotions News