AF Blakemore unifies livery across its distribution fleet

AF Blakemore has begun the roll-out of a new livery on its distribution fleet. It is part of a drive to standardise branding across the group logistics operation, covering its Spar, Foodservice, Fine Foods, Wholesale and Wholesale Distribution vehicles.

The design features imagery of food and drink deliveries destined for retail, wholesale and foodservice customers.

Along with the innovation, Blakemore is, for the first time, offering suppliers the chance to purchase advertising space on the transport.

The vehicles are also being used to promote the company’s own messages, such as 100-year anniversary communications and recruitment campaigns.

Group logistics director Andy Grinsell said: “This new livery across multiple AF Blakemore divisions reflects a more consistent and aligned approach to the way we do business across our logistics operation.

“With a fleet of more than 300 vehicles travelling across the UK each day, it is a great opportunity to promote the Blakemore brand and our company values as well as being a very effective means of advertising for suppliers.”

Over the next six months, the new livery will be trialled on 40 vehicles. A rebranding programme will be rolled out to the rest of the fleet over the next two years.

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Published Date: June 15, 2017
Category: Wholesale Industry News