Sunday trading threat to independent stores

New rules allowing supermarkets to open longer on Sundays could see many communities losing their local independent shops, the Federation of Wholesale Distributors has warned.

Croydon Convenience Store-for-webChief executive James Bielby said FWD members supply and support about 72,000 food and drink retailers, many of whom largely rely on extended opening hours.

New plans announced as part of the Enterprise Bill to let local councils relax the current restrictions and allow bigger stores to open longer would be “hugely detrimental for under-pressure independents”.

Bielby said that letting larger stores open for longer on Sunday would lead to closures among independent shops, reducing diversity on the high street.

He added: “This is shaping up to be the year the Government turns its back on small shops. They will be disproportionately affected by the introduction of the National Living Wage, as well as automatic pension enrolment; now this small legislative advantage they have over the big stores is under threat.”

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Published Date: February 4, 2016
Category: Wholesale Industry News