More than 300 product prices held by Bestway

The latest Price Hold Guarantee from Bestway Batleys Foodservice features locked prices on more than 300 catering products until the end of April.

Appearing in the current promotional brochure are such items as Peroni 24 x 330ml at £18.99, Bisto 1.9kg (£6.99), Heinz Beanz 6 x 2.62kg (£11.99) and Angelito Ice Cream Mix 12 x 1-litre (£12.49).

Bestway Wholesale Price Holds-for-webCatering sales director Ron Hickey said: “Catering is one of the fastest-growing areas of the Bestway Wholesale business.

“We know the Price Hold Guarantee initiative offers customers the best value in the foodservice channel as we benchmark prices against other operators.”

Both Bestway and Batleys offer a free delivery service and have a range of ordering and payment options available. Orders can be placed online, with customers guaranteed cash & carry prices and no delivery charges on orders over £100.

The Drinks Express division, which services the licensed sector from 27 of the C&C operator’s branches, has also launched its promotional activity for March and April.

Tel: Bestway Batleys Foodservice (01738) 646666

Published Date: March 4, 2016
Category: Wholesale Industry News