Hardy Brothers and Cyprofood sign up with Sugro

Sugro UK has recruited two new members – Hardy Brothers and Cyprofood – taking the group’s collective turnover to more than £1.4 billion.

A spokesperson for Northern Ireland based Hardy Brothers commented: “We are delighted to join Sugro and excited about working with them over the coming years.

“Their buying power and expertise in the confectionery, soft drinks and snacks market will help us offer our customers the best possible pricing and range from all of the leading manufacturers.

“The support provided by their team in sales, IT and marketing will help us deliver our long-term growth strategy.”

Tevfik Agcagul, purchasing manager of Tottenham-based Cyprofood, which has been in the fresh produce business since 2007, said: “Our reputation for quality and consistency has allowed us to gain the trust of customers, not only in London but across the UK. We believe in our company’s strength and the strong link Sugro has with leading suppliers.

“Sugro has been vital in our research and buying directly from suppliers. With the help of the business development manager from Sugro, Tabitha Smale-Hunter, we were able to gain competitive prices from suppliers due to their power and strength in the market.

“For the year 2021, we will be looking into expanding our range and becoming one of the major players in the region. This we believe is achievable due to the vast customer network we have, which in return will allow us to gain a greater customer share in the region from competitors.”

Sugro business development manager Tabitha Hunter-Smale commented: “It’s exciting that we’re ending a testing year on such a high note, and it’s reassuring for us as a buying group to know that independent wholesalers continue to look to Sugro UK for support. Both Cyprofood and Hardy Brothers already look set to be integral players within the group.

“Hardy Brothers will strengthen our Northern Ireland membership, and Cyprofood are seeking growth in both impulse and grocery.”

Tel: Sugro UK (01270) 628728

Published Date: December 22, 2020
Category: Wholesale Industry News